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MV Argo

Work ship and luxury liveaboard

The MV ARGO is a rare combination of work ship and luxury liveaboard yacht. She was designed from the keel up in 2008, to pamper up to 16 discriminating passengers in 7, spacious, well-appointed staterooms. She is a 130-foot (40 meters) safari boat with a full global reach. Fourteen well-seasoned crew look after the ship and the guests. The MV Argo was conceived of to serve as the ultimate platform for a deep diving submersible as well as for remote operating vehicle (R.O.V.) deployment. She offers heavy lift capabilities, stability and ample deck space for any chore imaginable. Extended, multi-task cruises are our forte. A comfortable and stylish lounge, dining area and sun deck are the social areas. The ambience is completed with original, undersea themed artwork throughout. The well- equipped galley enables the ship`s chefs to prepare fresh, international level, four-star cuisine for meal times or at the "drop of a hat". On board accessories consist of all standard diving gear including scuba, Nitrox and rebreather facilities. Three, powerful, 24-foot skiffs serve as tender-boats, which perform submersible tracking duties, shepherding of divers to remote sites, ship-to-shore transfers and any other conceivable recreational or support activities. The MV ARGO is equipped with Nitrox Gas Blending Systems, Partial Pressure - as well as Membrane Compressor, Nitrox Dive Computers, and other technical diving equipment and supplies to support these operations. We are fully capable of supporting all types of totally Closed-Circuit Rebreathers (CCR) like Biomarine and Buddy Inspiration units with Sofnolime CO2 Scrubber material and High-pressure Oxygen. The vessel is equipped with two, 24-foot heavy-duty fiberglass dive boats with integral racks for scuba and rebreather diving equipment. These skiffs are powered by fumeless 4-cycle, 115 HP twin-outboard motors that can bring the Cocos liveabaord guests rapidly to any dive site within an extended, safe radius of the mother ship. The skiffs are further equipped with VHF radios, depth sounders and portable GPS. A T-Roof and rigid bow cover is also mounted on these vessels for your comfort.

Routen MV Argo Cocos Liveaboard Dive Safaris
Length 129 ft
Width 26 ft
Vmax 10-12 knots
Engines CAT D398TA; 634 kW (850 hp) @ 1225 rpm
Generators 2x CAT 3304 PCNA 70 kW 208 VAC, 3 Phase generators
Water 10.000 gallons US
Navigation Radar: Furuno FCR-1411, 72 nm. 24 nm. ARC RadarGPS: X2 , Heading System: Simrad HS50, Auto-Pilot: Anshutz Pilotstar, Echosounder: Furuno , Electronic Charts: C- Map Maptech, Paper Charts: Complete for the required Range of operations, Weather Fax: Alden
Communication Radio: Stephens SEA223 SSB/AM , 2X VHF/FM , 4X hand held VHF Radio, Satphone: Sea Wave Connection with Fax and e-mail,
First Aid Extensive first aid kit
Techn. Diving Full oxygen, nitrox and rebreather service, passengers must bring their own rebreathers.
Facilities Up to 16 Cocos dive safari guests in 7, spacious, well-appointed staterooms. A comfortable and stylish lounge, dining area and sun deck are the social areas.

Included in the rate: Ground transportation San Jose-Puntarenas and return. Cruise with all meals and non-alcoholic drinks. Divemaster service. 7 or 9 full days of action-packed diving with three to four dives per day (incl. nitrox fills, tanks and weights).

Not included in the rate: Flights. Travel and dive insurance. Hotel in San Jose. Crew tip. National Park Fee: Total $245 = $35 per day, on a 10-night trip there are 7 diving days spent at the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area. National Park Fee: Total $315- $35 per day, on a 12-night trip there are 9 diving days spent at the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area. Due to the possible increase in the cost of oil, based on events in the past few years, the Undersea Hunter Group reserves the right to charge a US$200.00 per person Fuel Surcharge. This fee will be effective in the event that the diesel price published by Costa Rica's state owned refinery, RECOPE, reaches US$3.80 per gallon (US$1.00 per liter). We will verify the fuel index table 75 days prior to the departure date and if it is necessary to collect a fuel surcharge then we will inform the participants of the trip. The surcharge will be collected onboard. Please note: the national park fees are subject to change.

Liveaboards 34430752_cocos_liveaboards_mv_argo.jpg Liveaboards 33110702_argoneu_salon_and_dining_room640c.jpg Liveaboards 33110702_argoneu_upper_salon640c.jpg Liveaboards 33110703_argocabin2640c.jpg Liveaboards 33110703_argocabin3640c.jpg Liveaboards 33110704_argoneucabin_4640c.jpg Liveaboards 33110704_argocabin640c.jpg

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