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MV Undersea Hunter

Research Vessel

The research vessel Undersea Hunter was built in Florida in 1968 for Perry Oceanographic and was used for twenty years as a submarine support vessel. Working primarily in the Bahamas and the Caribbean, she completed hundreds of research and photographic missions including the Deep Rover Project with Dr. Sylvia Earle. Undersea Hunter`s closest brush with fame - so far - was her participation as support vessel for the James Bond movie "License to Kill." The actual owner bought the Undersea Hunter in June, 1990, and spent five months refurbishing her from stem to stern. Already a capable and well-proven research vessel, she was modified to include six new cabins, built with conveniences that surpass all expectations, to accommodate 14 passengers. With fuel capacity of 40 tons and water tankage of 26 tons, her blue water capability is almost unlimited.

Routen Cocos Liveaboard Cruises
Length 90 feet ( 28 Mts)
Width 24 feet ( 7,4 Mts)
Vmax 9-10 knots
Engines Twin Caterpillar 240 hp
Generators Two 65 kW and 5 kW portable
Power 110/220 VAC 12-32 VDC
Water 2,400 gallons, (Two 1,300 gallons/day water makers)
Navigation 2 Magellan & 1 Furuno GPS (Global Positioning Systems),Furuno 64 and 42miles radars,
Communication 2 VHF radios, 3 handheld VHF radios, ICOM full band SSB radiotelephone, SEA 222 SSB radiotelephone, SAT-COM Telephone & Datalink System,
Safety Full safety equipment as per USCG requirements, 18 Mini Personal Diver Locator MINI B300 ILS EPIRB,
First Aid Comprehensive emergency first aid kit, Emergency oxygen kit for 3 persons,
Techn. Diving Full oxygen, nitrox and rebreather service, passengers must bring their own rebreathers
Facilities For 14 guests in 7 double cabins. All guest cabins have heads & showers and individual AC control. Large deck- mountable Pro-Lab consisting of a 10 ft. x 10 ft. self-contained specialized movie/video camera workstation, and dedicated work tools, fully air-conditioned, Air- conditioning throughout the vessel. Sundeck and lounge chairs.

Included in the rate: Ground transportation San Jose-Puntarenas and return. Cruise with all meals and non- alcoholic drinks. Divemaster service. 7 or 9 full days of action-packed diving with three to four dives per day (incl. nitrox fills, tanks and weights).

Not included in the rate: Flights. Travel and dive insurance. Hotel in San Jose. Crew tip. National Park Fee: Total $245 - $35 per day - on a 10-night trip there are 7 diving days spent at the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area. National Park Fee: Total $315 - $35 per day - on a 12-night trip there are 9 diving days spent at the Cocos Island Marine Conservation Area. Due to the possible increase in the cost of oil, based on events in the past few years, the Undersea Hunter Group reserves the right to charge a US$200.00 per person Fuel Surcharge. This fee will be effective in the event that the diesel price published by Costa Rica's state owned refinery, RECOPE, reaches US$3.80 per gallon (US$1.00 per liter). We will verify the fuel index table 75 days prior to the departure date and if it is necessary to collect a fuel surcharge then we will inform the participants of the trip. The surcharge will be collected onboard. Please note: the national park fees are subject to change.

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Schedule MV Undersea Hunter

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